OpWorks Case Study: City of Woodbury, MN

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Published on November 2, 2022

OpWorks Case Study: City of Woodbury, MN

A growing City was faced with a unique problem that required quick work. The City of Woodbury, MN recently built a new temporary water treatment plant in record time to remove PFAS contaminants from impacted wells. In light of this new infrastructure and increased operational responsibilities, Woodbury’s water utility contracted with OpWorks to modernize its operation and maintenance. OpWorks was implemented and staff were onboarded in approximately two months.

Over the next year, the OpWorks team worked side by side through on-site collaborative work sessions with Woodbury staff to implement a 3D Facility Viewer enabling staff to view their entire plant and access information with an intuitive user experience.

Additionally, data from the plant’s SCADA was integrated into OpWorks, and preventative maintenance schedules were created. In addition, asset documents, such as O&M manuals and standard operating procedures were uploaded into the system for easy operational access and reference. Through the system, operator worksheets and compliance reports can be built and generated to simplify operations.

The temporary water treatment plant will continue to provide quality water to residents until a new permanent Water Treatment Plant is built in approximately three years.